Technical Discrepancies In The Movie Oblivion (Spoiler Alert)

April 27, 2013

  1. Why were the clones soulless when they first invaded the planet but not while working as drone repair people?

  2. Why didn't the robot grab more human samples when it first invaded? Why just stick to two?

  3. Why would a massive computer be so stupid as to contain its entire self within a floating cube the size of a house? Wouldn't it be safer to distribute itself among several components in as wide an array as possible?

  4. What the fuck does a robot want with water? Seems like a sun would be a much more convent source of energy. Or wouldn't a robot that's smart enough to clone people also be smart and powerful enough to create a fusion reactor?

  5. How did it get its power from the water back to the god/mother robot?

  6. if the base station for the repair crews had to be out of communication range from the mother robot during long periods, wouldn't that mean the drones were also able to operate autonomously? So than why did the drones just drop immediately when the mother robot died?

  7. Why would the mother robot live inside of the cloning center of the large base station?

  8. How did the first repair ship stop running after it entered the radiation zone but the second ship entered the previous zone without any problems?

  9. What happens when the other 50-100 robot repair men find out Julia is alive and living with clone 52? Is she going to have that many husbands? They all loved her equally as much as the original.

  10. Why didn't clone 52 try to help Julia after he untied himself?

  11. How did clone 52 make it out of the dessert and why didn't he try to take Julia?

  12. Why didn't the repair ship have a black box recording all of Jack's activity?