The Appreciability Of Code As Art

December 02, 2012

Code is art. If you google "what is art?" you get the following response

"The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination"

By this definition, code should rightfully be considered art but few self described artists give it this rightful designation. I thing this has to do with what I call codes lake of "appreciability." Take music as an example. It's fairly easy to argue that any one of Beethoven's works can be considered art. This is because it's easy for almost everyone (at some level) to appreciate music. You need no formal education to enjoy it. (Although, I'm sure having a deeper understanding of music helps you to better appreciate the level of detail and mastery expressed in his work.) So with music, everyones born with the ability to appreciate it, only a few go on to master it. Programming is different, in that to appreciate it, you have to have mastered it (or at least be proficient at it.)